Why you should try our Yoga home workouts...

If you’re looking for a full mind and body approach to your health and wellbeing, Yoga is for you…

Energising, strengthening and restorative, Yoga works your whole body to build flexibility and strength in your muscles.

The Practice of Yoga not only works your body, but you’ll also get strength and relaxation for the mind… Our modern day lives can be stressful and have a huge impact on our general wellbeing.


Yoga connects the mind with the body and teaches us to relax and be in control of our reactions…essential to deal with some of those stresses we face.

The benefits of practicing at home means it can fit in around your day, morning, lunch or evening whatever suits you and whatever your body needs. Have your music on, relax and take some time for you. If you chose to workout at home, you are in control! 


If this sounds like something you need in your life… Give it a try. Namaste

You can find these workouts in the Body & Mind virtual studio or in our Premium access all areas.

Duration: 30 - 60 Minutes Each

Suitable for: All abilities with modifications offered

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