Virtual Studios

Workout your way with our home workout, on demand virtual studios... Body & Mind, Cardio and Strength

We have created three virtual studios to offer you the best of our on demand home workouts, whatever your workout style! Our standard membership gives you access to the virtual studio of your choice with new workouts being every month. Can’t decide which is for you, go for our premium membership and access all of our workouts.

Body & Mind Virtual Studio

Be stronger inside and out…


Improve your flexibility, mobility and strength…taking care of your body and mind. These workouts are designed to counteract the effects of daily life, helping you to switch off, leaving you feeling energised and restored.


Our Body and Mind Virtual Studio brings together the best of our Pilates, Yoga and Barre workouts. So whether you want to try Pilates to focus on your core strength and mobility, find your inner zen and improve your flexibility with Yoga or feel the burn with Barre…you have them all on offer in once place.



Cardio Virtual Studio


Get your body moving….

Fast paced workouts designed to make you move, burn calories and get your steps up. Tone up, build stamina and get fitter…a perfect balance of fun and challenge for your body.


In our Cardio Virtual Studio you can enjoy HIIT workouts choosing between bodyweight workouts and using weights. Our Dance Workouts will leave you energised and uplifted or you can work up a sweat with our Combat style workouts.


The perfect choice if you are looking to up your daily movement and get full body workouts in without leaving home.


Strength Virtual Studio

Get Stronger, fitter and healthier...


Incorporate some strength training into your routine with access to our Strength Virtual Studio. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, we have workouts to suit you. Use bodyweight or add some load with dumbbells, kettlebells or bands.


Our Strength Virtual Studio brings all the workouts you need in to one place, showing you how to get the best results for your body. They are all designed to fit into your lifestyle, leaving you leaner, stronger and more toned.