Reasons to workout at home

With more of us working and spending time at home, there are so many benefits to getting your workouts in at home too.

  • It saves time. Home based routines can be a really easy and convenient way of fitting exercise into your lifestyle without hitting the gym… We’re all time poor these days and in the current climate its more important than ever to keep moving. There is no travelling needed, no booking onto over subscribed classes or gyms and no worrying about using equipment after somebody else.

  • The world is your oyster. With so many online options you can choose what’s right for you to keep you motivated. If you are up for trying something new now is the time…trying something at home and see if its for you and do you feel the benefits. Or you might have something specific in mind you want to focus on? So many options for different types of exercise right at your fingertips!

  • Workout anytime. You can exercise on your own schedule. With restrictions still likely to be in place for some time, it’s so much easier for you to decide when you want to workout and when you can fit it in, not trying to book into a gym with a whole host of other members.

  • Privacy. No-one is watching (except maybe the dog) but It’s just you, in the living room or the kitchen getting it done. No need to feel self-conscious, you can let yourself go and just relax with it.

  • Go at your own pace. There’s no pressure to keep up with those around you or push yourself beyond what’s right for your body. Just full focus on you and your goals

Once you’ve made the decision to workout from home, the first step is to find a place where you can exercise comfortably. Enough space for you to move your arms legs freely, nothing that you’re worried about knocking over or bumping into and ideally some ventilation. Weather permitting get outside if you have the space.

There’s no need to invest in load of expensive equipment but if you do want to purchase a few bits, here’s a checklist that you may find useful (as well as a household substitute!)

  • An exercise mat. Essential if you are doing workouts such as Yoga or Pilates. A large towel is a great sub, just make sure you have enough layers underneath you so its comfortable to lay on.

  • Resistance bands. Really useful piece of kit…small enough to store in a drawer and very versatile. You can use them for stretch, mobility and strength work. Great alternatives for a stretch would be a dressing gown rope or tie!

  • Dumbbells or kettlebells. If you are looking to add weight into your workouts, investing in some dumbbells or kettlebells could be a good idea. Try go for a lighter set and slightly heavier set with 2-3kg between the weights so you can see some progression as you train. If not raid the cupboards, fill up empty milk containers with sand or water, anything that’s easy to hold to add a bit of load.

  • Skipping rope. Again super easy to store but amazing for cardio work, getting your heart rate up and to incorporate into Hiit training.

Always make sure you start with a good warm up whatever you are doing for at least 5 to 10 minutes…a brisk walk, a jogging on the spot, simple squats and stretches to warm up. Same on the other side, cool down, stretch-off the muscles you have worked at the end of each session.

The Bottom Line

As home becomes a huge part of our lives and the need to keep moving and healthy is more important than ever before…home workouts are a super simple way to make exercise part of your regular habits and routine. Visit our workout areas to see what we have on offer.