Hiit Workouts

Why you should try our Hiit home workouts...

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a quick and effective way to exercise, ideal for those of us who don’t have that much time on our hands! HIIT is any form of exercise that consists of a short burst of intense exercise that precedes a period of rest or low intensity exercise.

Our HIIT workouts may be as short as 15–20 minutes, but they pack a punch in terms of the benefits they offer.  Because they are short in duration, they make a very practical and effective choice for people who find it difficult to commit to longer sessions. But regardless of the time spent, you’ll reduce body fat, improve your cardio fitness levels and get those all important endorphins going, improving mental health too.

Perfect to do at home...these are quick workouts. A Hiit session with us is over when its over...no drive, no parking at the gym, no traffic, no booking on to a class. If you chose to workout at home, you take control!


Be prepared to sweat and get stuck in!

You can find these workouts in the Cardio virtual studio or in our Premium access all areas.

Duration: From 15 Minutes to 30 minutes

Suitable for: All levels of fitness with options for beginners

Hiit Workout Videos