Why you should try our Barre home workouts...

Ever heard of the infamous Barre Burn…? Well it’s a thing!

Using small controlled movements to build endurance in your muscles, you’ll definitely feel the benefits of Barre.


Inspired by elements of Dance and Pilates, Barre has a big emphasis on improving posture, balance and building long lean muscles using high repetitions and low weight.

Our classes are so easy to do at home. All your need is a chair or a surface to act as your Barre and a mat for some additional Abs workouts that sneak in! You can take a quick class, have a full hour or just add sections of your favourite classes to other workouts. If you chose to workout at home, you have full control! 

You don’t have to be a Dancer at all to enjoy this…built up from simple functional moves, this low impact, high intensity workout is great for everyone to give a try….and if you get the shakes in class, you’re doing it right!

You can find these workouts in the Body & Mind virtual studio or in our Premium access all areas.

Duration: 20 - 60 Minutes Each

Suitable for: All abilities with modifications offered

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