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I’m Mel… One of the co-founders of Realize Fit On Demand and your Pilates and Barre instructor… Hi!


My career in the health and fitness industry started in 2018. After two babies and working for over 15 years sat at a desk, I wanted to make a change. So off I went to train, way out of my comfort zone but after three years of teaching, my love for all things Pilates grows each year. I’m always learning myself, every day is a school day for me… Reading, watching and gaining knowledge to pass onto our clients.


As an instructor I know and hear from clients all the time that Pilates is more than just a workout. I’ve seen people start Pilates with pain in their back and joints, low mobility and each week they get stronger more flexible, reducing the tensions life places on us. It’s amazing!


It truly is a method for everyone, old, young, super fit or just starting out there are benefits to be had. Looking forward to you joining me, making some shapes and realising that I’m rubbish at counting…Always just one more rep!


Mel x




Hey, I'm Greg - co-founder of Realize Fit On Demand.


I've been working in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years now so have a wealth of experience that I can’t wait to share with you all.  Alongside Realize Fit On Demand I run my own personal training business. I take real pride in seeing my clients and class members develop and achieve their health and fitness goals…it’s the reason I got into this job in the first place. Looking forward to transferring my skills onto the online platform and helping even more people become the best version of themselves! 


I've always been an active person from playing rugby as a kid (still known to make the odd appearance on special occasions!) and now focussing on my own training.


Fast forward to present day and I am a husband and father to two gorgeous girls. They are very active, love their dance classes and enjoy joining in with any workouts they see me doing. My purpose in terms of health and fitness has definitely changed over the years, with my main aim now to be a role model for my girls and be fit enough to keep up with them!